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Competency Framework

A learning system with a competency framework that can be designed according to the needs of different teams

Personalized learning

Personalized learning for each participant with different competency development needs so that they become more effective and efficient

Mobile Application

Learning can be done using various types of participant devices to make it easier for participants to learn anywhere and anytime

Our achivements

The number of participants and learning materials that continue to grow is the main goal of our company in developing as many people as possible so that they can improve their careers and personal lives


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All of courses have been designed by subject matter experts to give you a personalized and experimental learning experience.

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We are Talenta and we are different

PT. Talenta Indonesia Berkarya (TIB) is a company engaged in training and consulting services for MSME Employees and Entrepreneurs through improving the knowledge, skills, and behavior competencies needed to support their work and business processes according to national competency standards. TIB companies aim to:

  • Assisting entrepreneurs from small to large scale in carrying out their operations
  • Assist and guide Business Units to be able to develop products
  • Designing business models
  • Optimizing profits based on data on customer behavior patterns, product sales patterns, and employee competency patterns

Our Journey


Establish Training and consulting via Learning Management System


Our journey start as Legal Company


Join as a Learning Centre at Program Kartu Prakerja (Skema Bantuan Sosial) from Government


Launch Our LMS Mobile Version


Join Program Kartu Prakerja (Skema Normal) from Government

Kartu Prakerja

Program Kartu Prakerja is a work competency development program and entrepreneurship in the form of financial assistance aimed at job seekers, workers who have been laid off, or workers who need competency improvement, including micro and small business actors.

Global Competency

National and International Competency Standards

Knowledge Competency

Knowledge Competency Development of Pre-Employment Card program participants

Skill Competency

Competency Development of Skills for Pre-Employment Card program participants

Attitude Competency

Personal Competency Development of Pre-Employment Card program participants

Our Team


Our Contact Info

Shelly Margaretta

Chief Financial Officer (08170080985)

Ranny Yulia

Operational and Marketing Manager (0859106963822)

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